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An Overview of Water Heaters

Water heaters are used to convert water to a temperature at which it can be used as a source of warmth or for cooking purposes. The temperature at which the heated water is heated varies according to the type of heater used. There are basically two types of water heaters: electrical and gas.

Electric water heaters are more energy efficient than demand water heaters. Demand heaters are the most common in residential households. Demand water heaters are available in different sizes and designs. Most domestic uses of warm water are cooking, showering, bathing and space heating. In business, demand water heaters and tankless water heaters have several applications.

Gas water heaters are also popular. They are more energy efficient and portable. Tank-type water heaters are a blend of tank-less and tank-type heaters, which have a single, closed-circuit electric circuit. It does not use any pilot lights like other tank-type heaters.

Standard water heaters use gasoline or propane, which are usually pretty expensive. A good energy savings plan includes choosing a heater with low energy consumption. The most practical choices are electric and gas water heaters. Electric water heaters are suitable for small homes and apartments.

One common area for energy consumption is the hot water heater. Many people choose gas water heaters because they are more energy efficient and the cost is often less than for a tank-type heater. Heaters with dual heating elements are ideal in this situation because the system can switch on when cold incoming water comes in and turn off before the hot water arrives. This saves energy.

Water Heaters can be installed almost anywhere. In fact, the best place is already in your home. If you do not want to have to install a water heating system, then you should consider a combination of storage tank and gas or electric water heaters. These types of systems can be installed on your existing house or in a new house. They are available in a variety of options and configurations to suit most homeowner’s needs.

There are two types of water heaters that are generally used in homes today. One type is the electrical water heaters which are also called on demand heaters, and the other type is the gas water heaters or hydronic water heaters. Electrical water heaters require the use of an electric outlet, while gas and electric types can be directly hooked into a gas or electric utility.

Another option when it comes to choosing water heaters is to choose a hybrid water heater. This type of heater uses both gas and electricity to operate. The benefit to this type of heater is that gas operating costs are reduced and electricity consumption is also reduced during operation. The gas operating costs are also usually tax deductible.

Point-of-use water heaters are also known as tank-less heaters. As the name suggests, these types of water heaters are more compact than the traditional tank-less heaters. Tank-less heaters have a heating element located at the bottom of the tank and is capable of being fully bypassed to allow hot water to be accessed. There are advantages and disadvantages to both styles of point-of-use heaters including the size and ease of maintenance.