Rheem Gas Water Heaters

We are huge fans of Rheem and recommend either them or Rinnai to most people in most circumstances. Rheem has been a leader in water heaters for some time and they show no signs of slowing down, constantly on top of their product line from conventional water tanks to electric tankless water heaters. A reputable name known for quality, integrity and innovative products, Rheem is a name you can trust.

Rheem’s Natural Gas Water Heaters

Rheem makes a few different models of natural gas water heaters, depending on your needs and preferences:

Natural Gas Water Heater – Conventional Tank

As with most water heater companies, Rheem makes hot water tanks of between 25 gallons all the way to 250 gallons in commerical use. If you are looking for the traditional way to heat water, Rheem will have a tank size to meet your need

Natural Gas Tankless Water Heater – Indoor

Rheem has a line up of high efficiency (dual pipe/condensing) and low emission (NOx) lines in various flow rates, from 7.5 GPM to 12 GPM on their natural gas line. Some of them are direct vent and others require venting kits. It’s important to know your preferences before you make this choice.

Outdoor Gas Water Heaters

Rheem also has a line up of natural gas tankless water heaters that can be installed outside — which means no need to do any venting! These are high quality products despite being constantly exposed to the elements, you can in addition install an enclosure around it to ensure it will survive for the long haul. Most of their units are graded for -30F.

Overall, we highly recommend Rheem’s products to anyone looking for a sold water heater.